Sniff-It 2 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity, 5V to 600V AC

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Product Features:
Detects AC voltage without making contact
Variable sensitivity ranges from 5 to 600 Volts AC
Light flashes and beeper chirps when AC voltage is present
Flashes and beeps faster as AC voltage is approached
Non-contact probe is safe and simple to use
Pocket-sized with convenient clip
Power beeper reminder helps extend battery life
Uses one A23 battery
Tests for AC Voltage on:
Light bulb sockets
Extension cords
Power tools
Circuit breakers
AC motors
Video surveillance camera power
Telephone and cablevision
Light switches
House trailer siding
Detects power line voltages: 120, 220, 480, and 600 VAC
Detect control voltage: 12 and 24 VAC
Identifies "hot" side of AC receptacles
Finds and traces electrically "live" wires or objects inside walls
Determines if metal surfaces are "live" or "ground"
Detects presence of high voltage electric fields
Detects "ringing" telephone lines